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Welcome to Avonlea Cottages, an intimate part of the beauty and charm of Cavendish since 1928, and located at the heart of Cavendish, P.E.I.’s beach playground and most popular tourist attractions.

Avonlea Cottages

These quaint, cozy cottages contain all the charm of yesteryears, while boasting of the comfort and ease of every modern day convenience. We are nestled in the center of the Cavendish Beach Resort area, next to a large, popular, family fun park and within a few steps of many other entertainment attractions and amenities that include restaurants, shops, golf courses and Cavendish Beach less than five minutes away.

The new owners/operators of Avonlea Cottages are passionate about maintaining Avonlea’s original charm and character, while continuing to update amenities to meet, or even surpass, the expectations of today’s travelers. A plan is in place to create and promote an in depth, children’s games project that will provide health, fitness and fun activities for children, while adding other activities for couples and friends, in order to ensure that all types of travelers have an enjoyable, relaxing and memorable vacation experience.

Many travelers arriving as guests, have found themselves leaving as friends and have returned, year after year to spend their vacation at Avonlea Cottages. Drawn back by the delightful charms of Avonlea, one such family has faithfully returned every Summer for 18 years.

Many clients, new and old, find Avonlea Cottages to be an ideal vacation destination for the following reasons:

  1. Beautiful location! Very central and convenient to all Cavendish attractions and amenities
  2. Ideal location for family or friends to relax and enjoy vacation together
  3. A very safe, fun-filled, family environment

Come visit our charming Avonlea Cottages, relax and reminisce for awhile, of a magical, bygone era, in the fictional village of Avonlea, written about in Lucy Maud Montgomery’s turn of the century novels and believed to be her much beloved, Cavendish, Perhaps you may even find yourself becoming a kindred spirit of a memory and experience you will never leave behind when it’s time to depart for home.